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The Line: Scandal in APS Administration

August 28, 2015 – The APS board did not make a decision this week on the future of Superintendent Luis Valentino. A scandal surrounding his new administration has outraged parents and teachers in recent weeks. Many have called for him to resign.

Deputy Superintendent Jason Martinez, who resigned late last week, is now back in Colorado where is facing felony charges related to domestic violence and inappropriate contact with two children under the age of 13.

Jason Martinez was hand-picked by Dr. Valentino for his role at APS but he never completed his background check while working for the district. Dr. Valentino says he was not aware of the missing background check, but the current head of HR at APS says she told him 6 times that Jason Martinez had not been fingerprinted or completed his background check.

Host Gene Grant leads our discussion about the scandal with this week’s Line opinion panelists.

The APS board is scheduled to meet again on Monday, August 31.

Dede Feldman, former New Mexico state senator
Dan Foley, former New Mexico House Minority Whip
Rob Nikolewski,
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney – Sanchez Legal Solutions