The Line: Cannabis Legislation And Lawsuits


February 1, 2019 – The state’s largest provider of medicinal marijuana plants announced a lawsuit this week against the New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department. At issue is one and a half million dollars Ultra Health has paid in gross receipts taxes in recent years on their plants. The company argues they should be exempt from those taxes just as prescription medicines are. The line opinion panel weighs in on the debate, plus some of the legislation circulating in Santa Fe around both legalization of cannabis and changes to the medical marijuana program.

Line Panelists:
Dede Feldman, former NM State Senator
Edmund E. Perea, attorney, public safety expert, and executive director of the Center for Law, Policy, & Public Safety, LLC
Diane Snyder, former NM state senator
Harry Van Buren, professor in the UNM Anderson School of Management


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