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The Line: April 3, 2015

The Santa Fe Reporter and Santa Fe New Mexican recently reported that New Mexico’s middle class shrank in recent years. Are people in the community seeing signs that the state’s middle class is getting smaller? This week’s line opinion panelists tell us what they think.

This week, the Albuquerque Journal covered a new study that shows New Mexico leads the nation in dependence on the federal government. Many leaders have long discussed how to diversity New Mexico’s economy. Where do we go from here?

Many people in Albuquerque are talking about allegations that city animal shelters are releasing dangerous dogs  back in to the community. Our line opinion panelists weigh in on the significance of this news story.

We put the line panelists “On The Clock” to respond to other stories in the news headlines:

Line Panelists: 
Tom Garrity, Garrity Group PR
Julie Ann Grimm, editor of the Santa Fe Reporter
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, executive director of Enlace Comunitario
Stephen Spitz, host of New Mexico People, Places and Ideas on KUNM