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Talking Taxes with Richard Anklam | 5.24.21

We join you for a special update, with information about court action involving taxes and medical cannabis sales. Our co-host Andy Lyman has the very latest on New Mexico Political Report, but basically a decision is now in the hands of the State Supreme Court on the issue of whether taxes on medical cannabis sales should have been deductible prior to this year.

Today, all eyes will be on the Cannabis Control Division website, as the first proposed rules are released for cannabis producers. There’s still a lot of other work going on as well, but folks will now have the first chance to see what the state is thinking in terms of setting up this industry in New Mexico. We’ll have much more on these proposed rules in the very near future.

Also in this episode, we welcome Richard Anklam of the Tax Research Institute, to talk more about the tax issues circling around a legalized market.  

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