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Sen. Tom Udall on the Iran Situation

Senator Udall

June 21, 2019 –  Sen. Tom Udall has been outspoken in opposing what he calls a rush to war. He’s tried—and is trying—to force the White House to go through Congress for approval of any military action. Senior producer Matt Grubs and Sen. Udall go deep into a conversation about the consequences of a war between the United States and Iran.

Sen. Tom Udall, (D) New Mexico

Longtime Ken Burns Editor Discusses Vietnam War Series With NMPBS

NMiF: Paul Barnes interview

September 15, 2017 - This week on New Mexico in Focus, producer Sarah Gustavus interviews documentary editor Paul Barnes. Barnes, a Santa Fe resident, is one of the editors of the Ken Burns epic series The Vietnam War, which will begin airing on NMPBS September 17. The longtime Burns’ collaborator talks about how the project came together and discusses the impact of the war that still reverberates in American society.