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Testing New Mexicans for COVID-19 (from May 8)

A nurse holds up a vial reading "COVID-19 TEST".

July 3, 2020 – This highlight of noteworthy segments from the past four months features a May 8 conversation with Sec. Kathyleen Kunkel of the Department of Health on the state’s efforts to ramp up and maintain COVID-19 testing. Two months later, similar questions remain about whom to test and how often.  Correspondent: Matt Grubs …

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COVID-19 Testing at TriCore Reference Labs

A person in a white bodysuit and wearing a facemask, holding a vial of dark liquid labeled "CORONAVIRUS".

May 22, 2020 – Senior producer Matt Grubs looks at testing for the novel coronavirus – both for those infected and for those who may have had the virus with only mild or no symptoms. Grubs talks with Dr. David Grenache, who is the chief scientific officer of TriCore Reference Laboratories, the largest independent laboratory…

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