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The Line: Public Education Department Announces Changes In Assessments

NMiF: testing standards

November 10, 2017 – The New Mexico Public Education Department was heavily criticized recently for proposed changes in science standards for classrooms across the state. After announcing that those changes would not take effect, PED officials announced other changes in end-of-course assessment tests that omit some controversial history and health topics. Santa Fe Reporter writer Matt Grubs recently reported on the changes: Not Done Yet

Gene Grant and this week’s Line opinion panelists react to this news story and share their thoughts on current education standards in New Mexico.

Line Panelists:
Mark Boitano, former NM state senator
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
Sophie Martin, attorney
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney at Cuddy and McCarthy, LLP

How UNM Instructors Are Using Current Political News In The Classroom

New Mexico in Focus

January 20, 2017- The nation appears to be deeply divided when it comes to politics. This week, producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with UNM instructors to hear how they are handling difficult political conversations in the classroom. They also discuss how they are each using current events to help students connect to the issues in their courses.

Michael Rocca, Political Science
Rafael Martinez, American Studies
Finnie Coleman, English Language & Literature
Harry Van Buren, Anderson School