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Ecosystem Impacts of River Drying

A vulture sitting on a piece of tree in the middle of the dry Rio Grande.

7.29.2022 – As drying in the Middle Rio Grande expands this summer, how will that affect wildlife species and the ecosystem? Clifford Dahm, professor emeritus at the University of New Mexico’s Department of Biology has been studying desert rivers for decades. He talks about the impacts of drying, what people should be paying attention to…

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A Dry Rio Grande and Its Impact on Endangered Fish

A dried-up Rio Grande.

June 12, 2020 – On this month’s episode of Our Land, we visit the dry bed of the Rio Grande south of Socorro, New Mexico, and also talk with biologist Thomas Archdeacon about why the drying occurs, how it affects endangered fish, and why this year’s recovery of rare silvery minnows was complicated by COVID-19.…

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