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Tracking the Rio Grande’s Snowpack

The Rio Grande river with a little bit of water flowing down it.

01.13.23 – In conversation with Our Land’s Laura Paskus, Angus Goodbody, a hydrologist with Water and Climate Services at the National Water and Climate Center, and Jaz Ammon, a water supply specialist with the New Mexico Snow Survey Program, talk about conditions in the Rio Grande Basin and what they could mean for water supply…

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States Agree to Help NM Farmers on the Rio Grande

A small splash in a body of water, colored yellow and blue.

July 24, 2020 – It’s another hot, dry year for New Mexico and the state’s largest river. The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District was even set to run out of water to deliver to farmers. But an agreement between Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas is allowing the release of 38,000 acre feet of water –…

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