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Corrales Residents Debate Village Resolution On Immigration

NMiF: Corrales Residents Debate Village Resolution On Immigration

March 17, 2017 - The city of Santa Fe was in the news earlier this year for continuing to maintain its sanctuary city status. Many communities across the country are debating how to react to the current national discussion about immigration policy. Councilors in the Village of Corrales heard comments from residents this week about a proposed resolution that would have declared the village "immigrant and refugee-friendly." The measure was sponsored by councilors Ennio Garcia-Miera and Phil Gasteyer.

The debate on Tuesday night was passionate and residents raised concerns about retaliation from the federal government and how such a resolution might divide village residents on a hotly contested federal issue. Supporters pointed to the history and culture of the village as a welcoming place and said the resolution would keep existing police and city policies in place while sending a signal that the village welcomes newcomers.

After two hours of public testimony, which included boos and cheers after comments from both sides, councilors ultimately voted 4-2 against the resolution.  Councilor Ennio Garcia-Miera and community members who drafted the legislation told NMPBS that they will continue to work together on the issue and on actions to support immigrants and refugees in Corrales.

Read the full Resolution here

Statement from Mayor Scott A. Kominiak:

"On Tuesday, March 14th the Village Council will debate and vote on Draft Resolution 17-009, "A RESOLUTION DECLARING THE VILLAGE OF CORRALES AN IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY AND CALLING FOR THE STRENGTHENING OF POLICIES THAT WILL REINFORCE THIS STATUS." You may view a copy of the Draft Resolution by CLICKING HERE. This resolution is being co-sponsored by Councilor Phil Gasteyer (District 3) and Councilor Ennio Garcia-Miera (District 1) at the urging of a group of concerned citizens who feel this is an important step for the Village.

Some portions of this resolution would put our administration directly at odds with Federal Law, and to me those portions are unacceptable. Beyond that, other than sending a "feel good" message of compassion, it is not really clear what the consequences of passing such a measure might be.

This issue seems to be one of great importance to people on both sides and has stirred a lot of emotions throughout our community. So, if you have strong feelings about this issue, I would urge you to appear at our meeting on Tuesday evening, 6:30 PM in the Village Council Chambers and state them. If you can't be there, please take a moment to contact your councilor by email and let them know where you stand. Councilor email addresses are available on this site as is a detailed map of Council Districts." - Mayor Scott A. Kominiak


Refugees In New Mexico Cope With Fear And Uncertainty

Nada Kherbik

February 3, 2017 - President Trump's executive order on immigrants and refugees has affected individuals and families across the country, including here in New Mexico.  This week producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with Nada Kherbik, a long-time resident of Albuquerque who came to the U.S. in 2002 as a refugee from Syria, and Celia Yapita, director of the Center for Refugee Support with Catholic Charities.

Kherbik says she waited for two years to join her husband in the U.S. and she worries about the safety of her family members who still live in Syria with few options to leave the country. Yapita shares what Catholic Charities is doing to help current clients and educate the community about refugee resettlement.

Catholic Charities is holding an information session on refugees for local community members on February 11 in Albuquerque (click to download flyer):