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Should Ranked-Choice Voting Come to Albuquerque?

NMiF: voter information

June 7, 2019 – There’s a move afoot to streamline Albuquerque’s city elections. It’s been tried successfully in big cities like San Francisco and Minneapolis, and here in New Mexico, in Las Cruces and Santa Fe. Senior producer Matt Grubs talks with elections expert Lonna Atkeson and advocate Maria Perez on whether the time is right for Albuquerque to use ranked-choice voting in its city elections.

Lonna Atkeson, UNM political science professor and director of the Center for the Study of Voting, Elections, and Democracy

Maria Perez, campaigns manager, Common Cause New Mexico

Ranked Choice Voting Will Come To Santa Fe

Ranked Choice Voting graphic

January 19, 2018– Last week, the New Mexico Supreme Court cleared the way for ranked-choice voting in Santa Fe’s March 6 municipal election. Producer Sarah Gustavus asks Maria Perez, director of FairVote New Mexico, to explain how ranked choice voting works, why it is also called “instant runoff,” and how her group will help educate voters in preparation for the upcoming election.

Maria Perez, director, FairVote New Mexico

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