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The Line: Are Democracy Dollars A Fix For Public Financing of Campaigns

1312 Line Democracy Dollars

September 20, 2019 – In November, Albuquerque will ask voters to approve changes to the city’s public campaign finance system. Each of two proposals would add 75 cents to the dollar-per-voter level the city uses now. That would mean hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for candidates who qualify. One proposal would also provide $25 vouchers for Democracy Dollars, which would allow voters to donate to the publicly financed candidate of their choice.

Line Panelists:
Dan Foley, Former State Representative
Sophie Martin, Attorney
Janice Arnold-Jones, Former State Representative                                                                        Michael Barrio, Prosperity Works                                                  

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The Line: Santa Fe & Albuquerque Look At Public Campaign Financing Changes

1208 Line Campaign Finance

August 24, 2018 – Public campaign financing was in the news this week, as both Santa Fe and Albuquerque looked at different ways of augmenting publically funded campaigns. The City of Santa Fe is looking at a proposal that would allow publicly funded candidates to receive small donations that would then be doubled by the city’s campaign finance fund. And in Albuquerque, the Democracy Dollars initiative would allow registered voters in the city $25 in coupons to contribute to a publicly funded candidate of their choice. Bernalillo County Commissioners voted down the proposal to add it to the November general election ballot, but enough residents signed the petition to hold a special election.

Gene Grant this week leads the Line opinion panelists in a debate the merits and drawbacks of public campaign financing and these proposed new initiatives.

Line Panelists:

Jeffrey Candelaria, Konnection Now & host on KKOB

Adrian Carver, executive director, Equality New Mexico

Dan Foley, former House minority whip

Sophie Martin, attorney