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The Real Crime

An illustration of Breonna Taylor, with white roses crowning her and a label "JUSTICE".

Attack ads and contemporary political rhetoric about crime have a disturbing campaign ancestor: The Willie Horton ad that may have cost Michael Dukakis the presidential election in 1988. It relied on racism for its efficacy, and it ushered in an era of so-called “tough-on-crime” laws and posturing that nearly broke criminal legal systems, like the…

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The Streets Are Hot

Demonstrators march in Downtown Albuquerque, protesting the deployment of federal agents by President Donald Trump.

In the last weeks of July, we saw high temperatures across the country. The streets heated up, and we’re not talking about the weather. We’re talking about federal forces sent to Portland, Chicago, Albuquerque and other cities. The arrival of these agents was met with public outcry and increased skepticism by lawmakers and residents alike.…

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