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Our Land Reprise: Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries

Backyard Refuges

November 29, 2019 – In a repeat of another “Our Land” favorite, correspondent Laura Paskus takes viewers along as she examines the effort to build a network of backyard wildlife sanctuaries across New Mexico’s urban landscape. The spaces can create a surprisingly serene refuge for both animals and people, as well as help bind the urban environment together for neighbors.

Laurel Ladwig, graduate student, UNM Geography and Environmental Studies
Judith Phillips, garden designer
Jill Brown, MyLandscapeCoach.com

Our Land: Kirtland Air Force Base Fuel Spill Update

OurLand Kirtland

October 11, 2019 – New Mexico’s past, present and future are inextricably linked to the military. While the state’s three military bases, two national labs and other test sites provide a steady stream of federal dollars, they come at a cost. In Albuquerque, decades of jet fuel leaks at Kirtland Air Force Base have polluted the soil and water below the state’s largest city. Since 2015, the Air Force has been cleaning up in earnest. Local leaders say they’d still like to have more information about how much of the spill has been remediated. Environmental correspondent Laura Paskus visits the military’s treatment facility.

Kate Lynnes, Senior Advisor, Bulk Fuels Facility Remediation Project
Maggie Hart Stebbins,Bernalillo County Commissioner
Diane Agnew, Environmental Manager, Albuquerque Water Utility Authority 

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