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Intersection of Education and Politics in New Mexico

A desk in a classroom with maps, a globe, some glass bottles and a rock

November 19, 2021 – The Line Opinion Panel dives into the debate over the state’s new proposed social studies standards. Panelists react to a breakdown of the standards from the Public Education Department, as well as public comment during a more-than 5-hour forum. Is there really as much opposition as some political forces would have…

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Dede Feldman: Examining A Life in Politics

The cover of Dede Feldman's book "Ten More Doors"

October 1, 2021 – Former state senator and lifetime activist Dede Feldman gets personal in her latest book, “Ten More Doors.” While she and her husband have lived in New Mexico for decades, Feldman recalls learning about her Albuquerque North Valley neighborhood by knocking on the front doors of the people who lived near her and…

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