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Russian-American in New Mexico Organizes Rally for Peace

The Russian Flag (left) and the Ukrainian Flag (right) overlapping with a Zia symbol superimposed in the middle.

3.18.2022 – Concerned citizens around the globe are speaking out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including a Russian-American living here in New Mexico. Ebony Isis Booth speaks with Grisha Gutkin who organized a rally for peace in Santa Fe. He tells her why he’s so motivated to spread awareness about the crisis, and what he…

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Three Degrees Higher, and Rising

A vibrant photo of a sunset over New Mexico's landscape.

2.11.2022 – On average, temperatures in New Mexico have risen three degrees since the 1970s. Retired UNM Professor David Gutzler talks about the impacts of warming on New Mexico’s landscapes, rivers, and communities – and discusses why it’s so hard for policymakers and politicians to act on climate. Correspondent: Laura Paskus Guest: David Gutzler, Climate…

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