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GROUNDWATER WAR | New Mexico’s Toxic Threat

Rio Rancho Armory

The Army National Guard Armory in Rio Rancho is among four New Mexico military installations that the Pentagon is investigating for PFAS releases. | Photo: Laura Paskus

March 27, 2020 – Senior Producer Matt Grubs also follows up with Our Land correspondent Laura Paskus, who broke the news this week that the Pentagon has identified four more possible contamination sites as she continues to investigate toxic chemicals in groundwater near military bases.   

Laura Paskus, Our Land Correspondent 

Additional Information: 

Pentagon IDs Four More NM Sites At Risk Of PFAS Contamination — Santa Fe Reporter 

Our Land Reprise: Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries

Backyard Refuges

November 29, 2019 – In a repeat of another “Our Land” favorite, correspondent Laura Paskus takes viewers along as she examines the effort to build a network of backyard wildlife sanctuaries across New Mexico’s urban landscape. The spaces can create a surprisingly serene refuge for both animals and people, as well as help bind the urban environment together for neighbors.

Laurel Ladwig, graduate student, UNM Geography and Environmental Studies
Judith Phillips, garden designer
Jill Brown, MyLandscapeCoach.com