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Gila River Update

gila update

Nov. 8, 2019 – Supporters of an oft-changing plan to use water from the Gila River in southwestern New Mexico have asked the federal government for more time to determine the best use of that river. Tens of millions of federal dollars hang in the balance if a diversion is built, but opponents of the plan point to the nearly $14 million spent on haggling over a series of shrinking projects as evidence that the state should focus existing federal dollars on more practical water projects. Environmental reporter and “Our Land” correspondent Laura Paskus speaks with host Gene Grant about the latest developments. 

Laura Paskus, environmental reporter 

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New Mexico’s Youth Make Their Case For Climate Change Reform

1312 Global Climate Strike

September 20, 2019 – On Friday, students from schools across New Mexico participated in the Global Climate Strike, a student-led initiative to draw attention to – and create a sense of urgency about – climate change around the world. Environmental correspondent Laura Paskus speaks to three students about their plans and their message.

Eliot Patton, Bosque School 8th Grader
Mariluz Lebkuechner, The Public Academy for Performing Arts Senior
Olivia Gonzales, The Public Academy of Performing Arts Sophomore

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