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Human Rights on ICE

A sculpture in front of the Santa Fe Roundhouse depicting two groups of children tugging at each other, with a metal cage placed on top of one of the groups.

When President Trump and ICE got in on the act of separating families and locking kids in cages, it spurred a public outcry. Millions of people were appalled that the land of the free would treat people in such a manner—especially people who were counting on the United States to provide safety, as they were often fleeing…

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COVID-19 in El Paso and the U.S./Mexico Border (from May 22)

Skyline of El Paso at sunset.

July 3, 2020 – Throughout the pandemic, correspondent Laura Paskus has been interviewing journalists around the state as they cover COVID-19 in their communities. On May 22, she spoke with two veteran border journalists, Bob Moore of the website El Paso Matters and Lauren Villagran of the El Paso Times, about the impact of the virus in El Paso, which…

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