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Journalism in the Pandemic | 6.06.21

A rainbow comes out over demonstrators after a heavy downpour.

For more than a year now, this show has been keeping pace with changes large and small, noting them and documenting them. It’s about looking closely and creating a record of this historic year in human history. It’s also been an unusual time for journalists themselves. Today, we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes thinking and decision-making…

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Regeneron Science Talent Search Winner

Regeneron Science Talent Search Winner Lillian Petersen poses in front of their report.

August 14, 2020 – NMiF correspondent Laura Paskus interviews Lillian Petersen, an extraordinary young woman who just won the Regeneron Science Talent Search’s top prize of a quarter of a million dollars. The Los Alamos High School student’s winning project, which predict harvests early in the growing year for every country in Africa, has also won the attention of the…

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