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Debating Media Access in Politics

Journalists writing in notebooks.

8.26.2022 – There’s more fallout surrounding media access at a recent campaign event for Republican Nominee Mark Ronchetti. The Society of Professional Journalists is denouncing a decision to bar a journalist from a recent rally. It begs the question, who gets to decide who is and isn’t legitimate media?  Host: Gene Grant  Line Opinion Panelists: Merritt Allen,…

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The Public Sounds Off on Social Studies Standards

Close up of bottom/top of books standing in a bundle

November 19, 2021 – Highlights from the hours-long public forum on the proposed changes to the state’s social studies curriculum. Parents, teachers, activists and community members share their thoughts and concerns on the guiding principles used in the process, as well as the standards themselves. For More Information: PED Social Studies Standards – PED Website…

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