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EXCERPT FROM: Parent In Education Lawsuit Shares What She Wants To See Change

130 Ed lawsuit Excerpt

January 25, 2019 – Wilhelmina Yazzie (Navajo) lives in Gallup and wanted better academic support for her son. She was one of the parents listed in a combined lawsuit that argued that the state’s public education system is not meeting constitutional requirements to provide equal access to education, particularly for economically disadvantaged students, Native Americans, students with disabilities and English Language learners.

Judge Sarah Singleton ruled last year that New Mexico is not adequately funding education, and gave state officials a deadline of spring 2019 to address issues in schools across the state. Ms. Yazzie and a lawyer with the Center on Law and poverty sat down in July with then-New Mexico in Focus producer Sarah Gustavus to discuss the case. NMiF excerpted a portion of the interview for air in this week’s episode; the full segment can be found here: Parent In Education Lawsuit Shares What She Wants To See Change


Wilhelmina Yazzie (Navajo), parent and plaintiff
Preston Sanchez, attorney, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty

Importance of Treaties Between American Indian Tribes And The U.S. Government (Revisited)

Nick Estes

January 4, 2019 – Treaties between Native American tribes and the U.S. government have been broken repeatedly since they were signed. This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Antonia Gonzales looks at the history of treaties and why they still matter today. She sits down with Nick Estes, an assistant professor at UNM.


Nick Estes, assistant professor, University of New Mexico