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New Ballot Proposal to Boost Education

A dimly lit library.

7.15.2022  –The Line Panel explores an upcoming ballot initiative that would pull more money from New Mexico’s Land Grant Permanent Fund for use in education. That money would specifically target early childhood education, helping struggling students, extending the school year, and teacher compensation. Host: Gene Grant Line Opinion Panelists:Merritt Allen, Vox Optima Public RelationsSophie Martin,…

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Yazzie-Martinez Draft Plan

A table of office supplies and a gavel with the words "Yazzie-Martinez" on top.

5.20.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel reviews the state’s new draft plan to address the Yazzie Martinez lawsuit. Among other things, that plan sets new goals for graduation rates, along with math and science proficiency. Panelists discuss whether the plan goes far enough to bridge the gaps in education access highlighted in the 2018 lawsuit.…

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