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Gustavo Arellano Revisited: Journalism With No Apologies


December 28, 2018 – Journalist Gustavo Arellano is no stranger to controversy and has stirred up emotions by writing about Southern California’s painful history with people of color. He also has written pieces challenging the homophobia and racism within the Latino community. The creator of the formerly syndicated column “¡Ask a Mexican!” is on a new mission: defending free speech and forcing readers to get out of their comfort zone, even if that means engaging with people with whom you disagree.

Arellano visited Albuquerque earlier this year and stopped by for an in-depth discussion with correspondent Russell Contreras.


Gustavo Arellano, author and journalist

Doctors Describe Innovative Health Apprentice Program

1222 Health Apprentices Pkg

November 30, 2018 – Special correspondent Sarah Gustavus sits down with two doctors involved in an innovative health apprenticeship program.  The program, at Casa de Salud in Albuquerque’s South Valley, gives teens and young people the chance to gain valuable experience in the health care industry and access to mentoring to help them plan a career. It also helps offset some of the costs of the clinic, which provides an integrated approach to medicine that is also affordable for the mostly immigrant clientele. And it helps increase the diversity of medical providers in our state.


Dr. Anjali Taneja, executive director of Casa de Salud

Dr. Susan Muraida, resident, UNM Family Practice, and former Casa de Salud apprentice