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Gibson Hub Shelter Opens

A street lined with tents.

01.13.23 – The Panel talks through new data from the state Public Education Department showing declining enrollment in public schools over a period of years. Gene asks our panelists if there’s something districts can do to turn that trend around. Host: Gene Grant Line Opinion Panelists:Dave Mulryan, president, Mulryan-Nash AdvertisingLaura Sanchez, attorneyDan Foley, former New Mexico…

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NMDOH Explains New COVID-19 Boosters

A person wearing gloves filling a syringe with a vial of liquid.

09.16.22 – Gene Grant speaks with the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health to ask about new COVID-19 boosters and who should receive them. Dr. Laura Parajon explains what seniors and parents need to know about those new vaccines. Host: Gene Grant Guest: Dr. Laura Parajon, deputy secretary, New Mexico Department of Health For…

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