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The Line: Selecting University Regents

February 2, 2018 – A proposed amendment to the New Mexico constitution seeks to revamp the selection process for university regents. In the proposal, a nominating committee would vet applicants and recommend them for board seats, giving the state’s governor less freedom to choose nominees. This week’s Line opinion panel looks at this proposal and the context within higher education in New Mexico

Line Panelists:
Dan Foley, former House minority whip
Mary Hudetz, reporter, Associated Press
Sophie Martin, attorney
H. Diane Snyder, former state senator

The Line: UNM Accreditation Review

NMiF: Higher education accreditation

August 24, 2017 – Accounting issues in the UNM Athletics department have sparked a review of financial procedures by the state auditor and attorney general. The Higher Learning Commission, which issues accreditation of schools like UNM, is now reviewing UNM’s policies for handling finances. Host Gene Grant and this week’s Line opinion panelists weigh in on what the public knows right now and how the scandal may influence perception of the university, both in the state and around the country.

Line Panelists:
Dan Foley, former New Mexico house minority whip
Eric Griego, former state senator
Viki Harrison, Common Cause New Mexico
Rachel Sams, editor of Albuquerque Business First