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Otero County Chaos & Local Primary Results

The word "election" written out on colorful cards and pinned to the wall.

6.17.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel dives into the chaos in Otero County where commissioners have been sued and ordered to certify primary election results. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver has also referred those commissioners to the Attorney General for potential criminal and civil violations of the state’s election code. Host: Gene Grant Line…

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AG’s Race & Political Developments

A gavel sitting on a bible with a cartoon image of a voting ballot box.

4.29.2022 – Campaign finance is being thrust into the spotlight in the Democratic race for attorney general. Our Line Opinion Panelists discuss the potential conflicts of interest that could arise from certain donations, while taking history into account. Host: Gene Grant Line Opinion Panelists: Dede Feldman, former NM state senator Edmund Perea, attorney and public…

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