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Fighting More Than Fire

A group of firefighters with headlamps coordinate with each other next to a forest fire.

Facing bigger blazes, longer hours and low pay, wildland firefighters ask Congress and federal agencies for help By Laura Paskus The last 24 months have been particularly brutal for wildland firefighters in the western United States. As wildfire season lengthens and fires burn hotter and bigger, firefighters are immersed in emergency situations for weeks and…

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Community-Based Forest Management in Northern New Mexico

A person chainsaws a tree body in the middle of a forest.

July 9, 2021 – This month on Our Land, Correspondent Laura Paskus visits the Carson National Forest in northern New Mexico. There she discovered a unique approach to forest management. That model is based on community and is designed and created around historical government models like the acequia system. The Cerro Negro Forest Council celebrates…

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