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Do Churches Need to Stay Out of Politics?

The side of the Roundhouse Building featuring the State's Seal with a rendering of a bible superimposed

December 3, 2021 –A New Mexico Pastor is at the center of a national discussion on the influence of religion in politics. The Line panel addresses the Pastor’s endorsement of an Albuquerque City Council Candidate, and the possible legal fallout. Host: Gene Grant Line Opinion Panelists:Cathy McGill, NM Black Leadership Council Sophie Martin, attorneyDan Foley, former…

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Journalism in the Pandemic | 6.06.21

A rainbow comes out over demonstrators after a heavy downpour.

For more than a year now, this show has been keeping pace with changes large and small, noting them and documenting them. It’s about looking closely and creating a record of this historic year in human history. It’s also been an unusual time for journalists themselves. Today, we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes thinking and decision-making…

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