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Ethics Commission Advocate: Show Us the Details


June 9, 2017 - This year New Mexico lawmakers approved a plan for an independent statewide ethics commission, something good government groups had been urging for years. But the Legislature removed most of the details of the plan, promising to figure them out later. Now one ethics advocate wants lawmakers to figure out those specifics before you’re asked to vote on the proposed constitutional amendment next fall.

Douglas Carver is the executive director of New Mexico Ethics Watch. Before that, he worked with the New Mexico Legislative Council Service and the Judicial Standards Commission.

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New Mexico in Focus: ethics (PPD)

February 10, 2017— This week on New Mexico in Focus we look at renewed efforts to create a statewide ethics commission. The sponsor of one bill argues what several polls have shown: The perception of corruption is bad for business and creating an ethics commission would make the state more attractive for companies looking to relocate. And we talk to new Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver about what she’s doing to improve how we track money in politics.

Rep. Jim Dines is a former media lawyer who was first elected in 2014. He has sponsored several ethics-related bills during his time in the legislature,

Maggie Toulouse Oliver was the Bernalillo County Clerk before winning election to the secretary of state’s office in 2016. Her office oversees elections and campaign finance reporting.


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