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New Mexico’s Youth Make Their Case For Climate Change Reform

1312 Global Climate Strike

September 20, 2019 – On Friday, students from schools across New Mexico participated in the Global Climate Strike, a student-led initiative to draw attention to – and create a sense of urgency about – climate change around the world. Environmental correspondent Laura Paskus speaks to three students about their plans and their message.

Eliot Patton, Bosque School 8th Grader
Mariluz Lebkuechner, The Public Academy for Performing Arts Senior
Olivia Gonzales, The Public Academy of Performing Arts Sophomore

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Our Land: Toxic Blue-Green Algae Blooms in New Mexico Lakes

Our Land Blue Green Algae

September 13, 2019 – In this month’s episode of Our Land, correspondent Laura Paskus visits Cochiti and Abiquiu lakes, which were closed to swimming in August because of blooms of blue-green algae. Contact with the blooms, which are triggered by things like high water temperatures and an influx of nutrients from upstream farms, grazing lands, or wastewater treatment plants, can make people and animals sick. With a warming climate, such algae blooms are likely to become more common in coming years.

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Line Panelists:
Becky Bixby, research assistant professor, UNM Department of Biology
John Mueller, operations project manager, Abiqiui Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kristopher Barrios, program manager, New Mexico Environment Department
Monika Hobbs, graduate student, UNM Department of Biology
Mollie Hanttula, graduate student, UNM Department of Biology

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