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Small Schools Feel First Funding Cuts | The Line

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December 6, 2019 – Gene Grant and The Line opinion debate the adjustment to small school funding that will see a reduction in financial support of 20% per year until it eliminates the extra money given to small schools in larger districts.  The small school allotment was part of a 40-year-old funding formula that was meant to help schools in small, rural districts, but which also had the side effect of benefitting some charter schools in urban areas. The adjustment, passed in the last legislative session, was designed to bring the funding formula back to the original law’s intent, but some schools worry they won’t be able to survive the funding cuts. 

Line Panelists:
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima
Michael Barrio, executive director, Prosperity Works
Michael Bird, public health consultant
Giovanna Rossi, Collective Action Strategies and “The Well Woman Show” (KUNM)  

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April 15 Deadline Passes in Landmark Education Lawsuit

NMiF: education

April 19, 2019 – A deadline of April 15th has come and gone for the state to make its case that it is providing sufficient resources to school districts across New Mexico. Host Gene Grant and Albuquerque Journal political reporter Dan McKay discuss the latest news on the Yazzie/Martinez funding lawsuit that is changing the way the state funds K-12 education.

Dan McKay, political reporter, Albuquerque Journal