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NM Child Welfare Bills

A person holding a paper cut out of a family with the sky behind their hands.

03.10.23– Gene and our panelists talk through a series of child welfare bills moving through the Roundhouse. Gene asks if they’ll be effective in solving some of the systemic issues that have plagued New Mexico’s Children Youth and Families Department. Host: Gene Grant The Line Opinion Panelist:Cathryn McGill, founder, director, NM Black Leadership CouncilSerge Martinez,…

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Revamping CYFD

CYFD. New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department Logo.

02.24.23 – Gene and the Line examine the Governor’s recent announcement, revamping the state’s Children Youth and Families Department. The number one question at hand: will these changes help create a safer environment for children in state custody?  Host: Gene Grant  Line Opinion Panelists: Dave Mulryan, president, Mulryan-Nash Advertising Andy Lyman, reporter, Santa Fe Reporter Merritt Allen, Vox Optima…

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