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Reading, Writing, Math (Masks and Vaccines)

A young child with a mask on stands near the left side of camera.

August 6, 2021 – After a long year of learning from home, students across New Mexico are heading back to the classroom in droves. Due to a rise in cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19, school supplies will once again include masks. At the same time, colleges like UNM and NMSU have instituted vaccine…

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New Mexico to Open Fully July 1

A wooden "Open" sign.

June 25, 2021 – Covid-19 restrictions began shutting down our state in March 2020. Now, more than 15 months later, New Mexico is ready to reopen fully. New strains of the virus, including the Delta variant, are still a concern, urging some to call for caution. The Line opinion panel takes on the implications of the state’s full reopening, scheduled for July 1.  Host: Gene Grant  The Line Opinion…

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