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Impact of Abortion on NM Gov. Race

The Supreme Court Building with a graphic of the zia symbol superimposed.

7.15.2022 – The Line Opinion Panel is back to discuss how the reversal of Roe V. Wade will impact the race for Governor. One of the key questions will be whether the issue will drive turnout. Host: Gene Grant Line Opinion Panelists:Merritt Allen, Vox Optima Public RelationsSophie Martin, attorneyMichael Bird, public health consultant For More…

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Analyzing Latinx Voting Trends

A graphic of a voting box with color full squares representing votes floating over top.

4.15.2022 – Correspondent Russell Contreras sits down with an expert on Latinx voting trends to talk about what we learned from 2020, and how it could translate into the 2022 primary season. Correspondent: Russell Contreras Guest: Stephanie Valencia, co-founder & president, Equis Labs For More Information: Equis Labs New Data Helps Explains Trump’s Gains Among…

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