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The Line: Private Prisons Profiting From Detaining Immigrants

June 29, 2018 – Two private prisons in New Mexico that have made significant profits from detaining immigrants have also contributed to the campaigns of some of the state’s elected officials. After a New Mexico In Depth article printed the names of donation recipients, some of them said they would make donations of the same amount to charitable organizations. Gene Grant and the Line opinion panel debate the ethics of that move. They also examine the multi-million dollar business, in often deplorable conditions, of immigrant detention.

Line Panelists:

Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR

Inez Russell Gomez, opinion page editor for the Santa Fe New Mexican

Julie Ann Grimm, editor, Santa Fe Reporter

Stephen Spitz, host of New Mexico People Places and Ideas on KUNM

The Line: State Senator Withdraws Bill After Donations Come To Light

NMiF: The Line Panel - State Senator Withdraws Bill After Donations Come To Light

March 17, 2017 - State Senator Steven Neville withdrew one of his bills this week after learning that the company that would benefit from the business deal had donated to Governor Susana Martinez's campaign and Political Action Committee but those donations were not disclosed during debates in committee and on the Senate floor. We heard from Sen. Neville at the Roundhouse this week (link to Gwyneth's story). Host Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists discuss how this issue might be perceived by the public and how it fits in ongoing debates about ethics in New Mexico state government. 

Line Panelists:
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima LLC
Dan Foley, former state lawmaker
Marsha Garcia, Strategies 360
Sophie Martin, attorney and editor of DukeCityFix.com