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Female Full-Contact Sports in New Mexico

rio grande heat

July 5, 2019 – It was not so long ago that female athletes were limited by what sports they could compete in. Non-contact sports like tennis, volleyball and track and field were really the only options for competitors. But even when women started to compete in more contact sports like football, it was often seen only as spectacle – think lingerie football. But that’s changing, at least here in New Mexico. NMiF Correspondent Khalil Ekulona sits down with local athletes to talk about why full-contract sports involve serious competition for women, and what drives athletes to put their bodies on the line.

Merlinda Chavez, Co-Founder, Rio Grande Heat Football Team
Danni Nava, Team Assistant, Rio Grande Heat Football Team
Kimberlee “Kap’n Krush” Haines, Participant, Duke City Roller Derby


Rio Grande Heat Football Team

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Duke City Roller Derby

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Rick Eckstein Revisited: How College Athletics Are Hurting Girls Sports

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January 4, 2019- Youth sports are one way for student athletes to prepare for college athletics. But what’s the cost for families? And are elite programs worth it? Author Rick Eckstein visited New Mexico earlier this year and sat down with our correspondent Khalil Ekulona to talk about youth sports, women’s sports and what’s at stake for young athletes – in New Mexico and across the country.

Rick Eckstein, author of “How College Athletics Are Hurting Girls’ Sports: The Pay-to-Play Pipeline” 

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