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Decolonizing Our Diets: Plant Based Wellness & ItalityNM


November 22, 2019 – Native Americans have long been cultivators of the surrounding landscape for sustenance. Recent movements across the country and in New Mexico seek to return to Indigenous food systems and best practices for not only individual health benefits, but the wellness of tribal communities and the Earth. As the holiday season approaches, food is on the mind of many people. NMiF takes a look at where our food comes from and what is nourishing our bodies. Correspondent Antonia Gonzales heads to Jemez Pueblo to meet with a Native American woman and business owner who is focused on a plant-based way of life that offers an alternative to processed, readily available foods.

Antonia Gonzales

Tina Archuleta, Jemez Pueblo, Itality: Plant-Based Wellness


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Re-connecting With A Healthy Lifestyle: Traditional Foods

January 12, 2018 – In the final installment of our series “Re-connecting with a Healthy Lifestyle,” Antonia Gonzales and Sarah Gustavus examine the role of farming and traditional foods in increasing access to fresh produce in Native American communities. They visit the Pueblo of Tesuque in New Mexico and a community garden in Phoenix that’s run by the Native Health clinic.

This series was produced with support from the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism and the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism in collaboration with National Native News.