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DWI Recovery Court Seeks To Address Root Causes Of Addiction


November 24, 2017 – Drunk driving deaths have been a concern for many years in New Mexico. Could drug courts help address the root causes of addiction for individuals while also helping increase public safety? This week we revisit our closer look at how the DWI Recovery Court works in Albuquerque. Producer Sarah Gustavus sat down with Judge Edward Benavidez and Daniel Blackwood, executive director of The Evolution Group.  The NMiF crew also paid a visit to the court to meet a parole officer, and a current participant who says that program saved his life and has allowed him to work on maintaining sobriety while also continuing to run his local business.

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Dual Diagnosis: The Intersection Of Mental Health And Substance Abuse

NMiF: Mental Health

June 23, 2017 - Mental health issues and substance abuse or addiction are often intertwined. About one third of people experiencing mental illness also struggle with substance abuse. It was common for decades to treat these issues separately. That began shifting, especially after a medical paper published in 2000 called for treating addiction like any other chronic disease. New Mexico continues to have one of the highest rates of drug overdose deaths. Alcohol related deaths in our state have also hovered near the top in national rankings.

A report by the U.S. Surgeon General in 2016 noted that one in 7 people is expected to develop a substance abuse disorder at some point in their lives but only about one in 10 will get treatment. About 40 percent of these people will also have a mental health disorder, yet only about 48 percent will get treatment. So how do we integrate mental health and addiction treatment to help more New Mexicans? Correspondent Megan Kamerick examines these issues with a panel of local experts in the final installment of our series this month on current behavioral health services.

Dr. Anjali Taneja, executive director Casa de Salud
Jennifer Weiss-Burke, executive director, Serenity Mesa
Dr. Snehal Bhatt, medical director, Addiction and Substance Abuse Programs at UNMH
Lauren Reichelt, director of Health and Human Services, Rio Arriba County

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