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Curbing Violence Against Native Women

NMiF: Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

September 22, 2017 – Statistics prove American Indian and Alaska Native women face a higher risk of violence and sexual abuse. And, experts say, it can be hard to even get victims to talk about the domestic abuse they’ve suffered. Correspondent Antonia Gonzales talks with local advocates who are dedicated to helping young people overcome the stigma of domestic abuse and learn about healthy relationships.  The Coalition to STOP Violence Against Native Women uses culture and social media to support communities while working with tribal leaders, local, state and federal officials to not only advocate for families, but change the conversation about violence.

Studio Guests:                 
Deleana OtherBull (Crow and Northern Cheyenne), Executive Director, Coalition to STOP Violence Against Native Women
Keioshiah Peter (Navajo), Native Youth Coordinator, Coalition to STOP Violence Against Native

A New Mexico Perspective On Health & Dancing With Boye Ladd

NMiF: Boye Ladd

September 1, 2017 -  Boye Ladd is, among many things, a pow wow emcee and a supporter of Native veterans who interacts with Native communities throughout New Mexico and across the United States.  Producer Sarah Gustavus sits down with him to talk about the importance of cultural activities, such as dancing and drumming, to the health and wellness of Native people in New Mexico.