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Student protest at Alma d'arte Charter High School in Las Cruces - Monday, 3/2/15 (Credit: Heath Haussamen)

Student protest at Alma d’arte Charter High School in Las Cruces – Monday, 3/2/15 (Credit: Heath Haussamen)

Students in New Mexico made local and national headlines this week when they walked out of their schools to protest new testing requirements.

NMiF producer Sarah Gustavus sat down with three seniors from Albuquerque High School who helped lead local protests over the PARCC exam (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). These students (Janelle Astorga, Astrid Carrete, and Maya Quinones) told us why they walked out of school to bring attention for their concerns about new testing requirements for New Mexico students.

During the interview, the students mentioned a code of conduct that they created to help organize the actions of students at both Albuquerque High  and other schools:  Student Code of Conduct for Protests


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  1. Allison Wakefield on March 10, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    I have never been so outraged by your panel discussion as I was last Friday. I felt the students were passionate and deserve to be congratulated for speaking out and organizing protests about the PARCC exam. Your panel was condescending and brushed off these obviously bright young people like it was a joke. I agree with the protests and I am pleased to see young people standing up! I am glad they are not falling in line and just taking the test because they are told to.(like your panel suggested) We should encourage young people to speak up and question! Too much is at stake for a test that is online and unproven and costing NM a fortune. Students who do not pass will not be able to graduate with a diploma if they fail even after 4 years of hard work, taking and passing AP tests, SATs, ACTs -all proven and accepted exams. The students understand that their teachers and schools will also be evaluated on the ONE unproven test. No one cares about school grades. No one at PED can even explain how they are calculated! So, Eldorado will now be a “B” high school..most of us know that it is one of the best high schools in the state and , as parents , we don’t care what our “grade “is. It means nothing. WE DON”T CARE! Our kids go there and we know what a fantastic school it is. PED could give it an “F” and we wouldn’t care. We also have excellent teachers! It is too bad that teachers have not been able to teach the common Core in NM. They are too busy teaching to a test and uploading lesson plans to PED. Common Core will fail because it was never implemented correctly. It was rolled out so quickly and attached to high stakes tests and most states will dump the standards and the PARCC. Your panel is way to conservative. You need some forward looking people on your show. I have never written a letter to the newspaper or TV show, but I am so upset at the attitude of your panelists that I had too. I will not watch this show again until your panel changes ( all the stuffed shirt men!!) Allison