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Social Distancing, 2020 Census, The Line

This week on New Mexico in Focus, senior producer Matt Grubs speaks with two psychiatrists about how to deal with the realities of social distancing as the nation responds to the COVID-19 outbreak. For many people, staying at home can start to feel overwhelming, especially as they struggle to explain to their children what’s happening in the world beyond the front door. 

The U.S. Census quietly got underway last week. The count is vital for states like New Mexico, which have large numbers of people who are part of historically undercounted populations. Correspondent Antonia Gonzales sits down with Charlotte Little and Jamie Gloshay of the New Mexico Native American Census Coalition to talk about the challenge of avoiding an undercount and the ways in which the state’s Native community is responding. 

Gene Grant and The Line opinion panel take a broad look at New Mexico’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are state and local leaders doing enough? How have New Mexicans responded to the call for social distancing? Others believe New Mexico is overreacting. What are the immediate and long-term economic impacts on businesses and citizens, especially for low-income populations? For their final segment, The Line panelists will each choose “One More Thing” to talk about – a segment that is usually reserved for the web but which gets the broadcast treatment this week. 

Gene Grant     

Antonia Gonzales 

Studio Guests:
Dr. Caroline Bonham, psychiatrist, UNM School of Medicine
Dr. Amy Rouse, psychiatrist, UNM Health Sciences Center
Jamie Gloshay, Albuquerque Urban Indian Census Coordinator
Charlotte Little, Pueblo Census Coordinator 

Line Panelists:
Dan Foley, former state representative
Eric Griego, former NM state senator