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A monarch butterfly with open wings perched on a purple flower, surrounded by green foliage under a clear blue sky.

River for Monarchs: Sandia High School Seed Workshop

By Myah Wilmarth | April 19, 2024

4.19.24 – This fall, the Rio Grande corridor will be planted with thousands of milkweed plants, thanks in part to students from Sandia High School…

Logo of the new mexico foundation for open government, featuring the acronym "nmfog" in blue lowercase letters, with the full name underneath.

NM FOG Alleges BernCo Commissioners Violated State Sunshine Law

By Myah Wilmarth | April 19, 2024

4.19.24 – Executive Producer Jeff Proctor talks to Melanie Majors, executive director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, about new allegations of state…

Two people engaged in conversation on a tv set, with a sunset background. one person is an older man, the other a younger woman, both seated across a round table.

Arturo Sandoval on How Colonization and Capitalism are Connected

By Myah Wilmarth | April 19, 2024

4.19.24 – In the second half of a conversation with Our Land’s Laura Paskus and activist Arturo Sandoval, the two talk broadly about the concept…

Elderly man with white hair and mustache wearing a black shirt, gesturing with his hand, seated in front of a sunset background.

Earth Day’s New Mexican Roots

By Myah Wilmarth | April 19, 2024

4.19.24 – Our Land’s Laura Paskus sits down for a two-part discussion with Arturo Sandoval, one of the organizers of the first Earth Day in…

Plaque marking the original site of the woodstock music and arts fair held in august 1969, erected by owners in 1984.

Woodstock Oral History Project Capturing Stories from Santa Fe

By Myah Wilmarth | April 12, 2024

4.12.24 – Executive Producer Jeff Proctor speaks with Neal Hitch, senior curator at the Museum at Bethel Woods, about an oral history project on Woodstock…

A burlap sack tipped over with multicolored apples spilled out on a concrete surface.

How Food Waste Contributes to Climate Change

By Myah Wilmarth | April 12, 2024

4.12.24 – Our Land’s Laura Paskus steps back for her final segment on food justice and explores how food waste has taken a toll on…

A colorful salad with various vegetables and a knife on the side, seen from above.

Exploring Solutions for Food Waste

By Myah Wilmarth | April 12, 2024

4.12.24 – In the second of a three-part discussion on food justice, Our Land’s Laura Paskus and the roundtable discuss possible solutions to food waste,…

Four adults seated around a table in a tv studio setting, having a discussion, with a colorful abstract backdrop.

Understanding Food Waste and Food Justice in NM

By Myah Wilmarth | April 12, 2024

4.12.24 – Our Land’s Laura Paskus sits down with a special roundtable to discuss all things food — why it costs so much, why so…

Two men and one woman engaged in a discussion at a round table on a talk show set.

The Politics of Public Safety in New Mexico

By Myah Wilmarth | April 5, 2024

4.5.24 – Correspondent Gwyneth Doland looks further at the proposed special session, as she hosts a roundtable discussion with UNM political science professor Timothy Krebs…

A graphic of a wolf's head with the word "lobos" above it, set against a red background.

Looking Back at the 2023-24 Lobos Men’s Basketball Season

By Myah Wilmarth | April 5, 2024

4.5.24 – Albuquerque Journal sportswriter Geoff Grammer stops by to look back at this year’s Lobo basketball season, as the men’s team made the NCAA…

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham giving her 2022 State of the State Address.

Gov. Lujan Grisham Pushes Special Session on Public Safety

By Myah Wilmarth | April 5, 2024

4.5.24 – Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tells us why she wants to call a special session centered on public safety. Senior Producer Lou DiVizio asks…

Woman smiling during an interview, with the city of albuquerque city council seal in the background.

ABQ City Councilor Nichole Rogers on District 6 Priorities

By Myah Wilmarth | March 29, 2024

3.29.24 – This week as we near the end of women’s history month, we re-air a portion of Lou’s interview with Albuquerque City Councilor Nichole…