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The atrium of a building with a circular ceiling.

How Lawmakers Might Address NM Public Safety and Education Concerns

1.19.2024 – In the third and final virtual roundtable, correspondent Gwyneth Doland wraps up the…

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A black and white photo of an oil pump.

Environment and Economic Priorities in the Roundhouse

1.19.24 – Continuing our discussion previewing the 2024 legislative session, correspondent Gwyneth Doland asks the…

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The front of a building with people walking in front of it.

New Mexico Republican Minority Leaders on 2024 Legislative Session

1.19.24 – Correspondent Gwyneth Doland takes us inside the Roundhouse to ask state Republican minority…

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A woman in a suit and tie is giving a speech.

Analyzing the 2024 State of the State Address

1.19.24 – This week on New Mexico in Focus, we discuss the opening days of…

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A pile of dirt.

State Parks Division Forfeits Millions in Federal Funds Due to Missed Deadlines

1.12.24 – New Mexico’s Parks Division has missed a series of deadlines and must forfeit…

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An aerial view of a park with a lot of cars.

Concerned Neighbors Appeal Against Building New Mexico United Stadium

1.12.24 – Last November, the Albuquerque City Council approved a lease at Balloon Fiesta Park…

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A row of liquor bottles on a shelf.

Searching for Solutions to NM’s Alcohol Problems

1.12.24 – In this second roundtable discussion, Senior Producer Lou DiVizio asks the panelists for…

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Stairs leading up to a building.

History and Lobbying on NM Alcohol Legislation

1.12.24 – This week on New Mexico in Focus, we open our show with an…

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A man sits at a table in front of two televisions.

The Pending Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Trial and Surrounding Media Circus

2.23.24 – In the second half of their virtual discussion, Executive Producer Jeff Proctor speaks…

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A group of people sitting in chairs in front of a tv.

Bill Brings ‘Yes Means Yes’ Policies to NM Higher Ed

2.23.24 – A bill to bring affirmative consent policies to public universities and colleges across…

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A building with columns and a blue sky.

Breaking Down the Facts of the Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Trial

2.23.24 –Executive Producer Jeff Proctor speaks to attorney Ahmad Assed and journalist Julia Goldberg about…

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A woman sitting in a chair with a logo on it.

New ABQ City Councilor Nichole Rogers on District 6 Priorities

2.23.24 –After winning a run-off election last fall, Albuquerque City Councilor Nichole Rogers began her…

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A woman sits at a table in front of two televisions.

Breaking Down the 2024 State Budget

2.16.24 – This week on New Mexico in Focus, Correspondent Gwyneth Doland hosts a three-part…

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A woman talking to another woman in a room.

2024 Legislature Recap: Health Care Bills & Funds for Roads

2.16.24 – We head back to the Roundhouse one last time this session with Correspondent…

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An oil pump at sunset.

How Education & Oil and Gas Bills Fared in Santa Fe

2.16.24 – In the second of a three-part discussion on this year’s legislative session, Correspondent…

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An image of a prison with a barbed wire fence.

Asylum Seekers’ Detention Bill Dies in Senate

2.16.24 – Immigration reform advocates were shocked earlier this month when the state Senate rejected…

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A gun and a gavel.

Public Safety and Crime Bills Passed Through Roundhouse

2.16.24 – In our third and final discussion on the legislative session, Correspondent Gwyneth Doland…

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A man in a suit talking to a woman in a hallway.

School Hours Amendment, Tribal Education Trust Fund Introduced in Santa Fe

2.9.24 – In the second half of our discussion on bills working through the Roundhouse,…

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Two women sitting in chairs talking in front of a sunset.

Climate Care for the Public

2.9.24 – In 2021, Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center…

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Three people sitting at a table in front of a blue screen.

Public Safety Bills at the 2024 Roundhouse

2.9.24 – Senior Producer Lou DiVizio sits down with Source New Mexico Editor Shaun Griswold…

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A man sits at a desk with flags in front of him.

2024 Legislature Update: Alternative Energy & School Graduation Bills

2.9.24 – This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Gwyneth Doland catches up with…

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Our land logo with clouds in the background.

Our Land’s 2024 Vision for Covering Climate Change and Adaptability

2.2.24 – Our Land’s Laura Paskus sits down with Executive Producer Jeff Proctor and previews…

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Two people sitting at a table in front of a blue screen.

What We Know and Don’t Know About the APD Corruption Investigation

2.2.24 – Executive Producer Jeff Proctor asks reporters Elise Kaplan of City Desk ABQ and…

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A man in a suit and tie talking to a woman in a hallway.

Sen. Peter Wirth Disagrees with Pretrial Detention Bill

2.2.24 – Correspondent Gwyneth Doland speaks with Majority Floor Leader Sen. Peter Wirth on why…

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New mexico in focus.

DA Sam Bregman on Supporting Pretrial Detention Bill

2.2.24 – Senior Producer Lou DiVizio asks Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman why he…

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Pre-trial court hearings in new mexico.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Pretrial Detention Bill

2.2.24 – During our interview with Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, we turn our attention to…

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