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Proposed Redistricting Maps Released

Yellow and Green Maps of New Mexico showing Redistricting Zones

September 24, 2021 –The Line opinion panel discusses the final weeks of the Citizen Redistricting Committee’s work to develop recommended maps for the state’s political boundaries and congressional districts. The commission released proposed revisions last week, and now enters a whirlwind tour across the state with 8 public meetings in 11 days. The maps won’t be binding for lawmakers, and the group talks about whether the commission’s maps will carry the weight reformers hope they do. 

Host: Gene Grant 

Line Panel: 
Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group 
Martha Burk, political psychologist and author of “Your Voice, Your Vote” 
Serge Martinez, UNM Law School

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This segment is part of our #YourNMGov project, in collaboration with KUNM radio. Support for public media provided by the Thornburg Foundation.

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