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Pretrial Detention Study & New Media Outlet Hopes to be a Big Re-‘Source’ for News Consumers

NMiF senior producer Matt Grubs talks about New Mexico’s pretrial detention conundrum with the director of the Administrative Office of the Courts, Artie Pepin. The office recently asked UNM social researchers to evaluate the 2nd Judicial District Court’s (Bernalillo County) effectiveness at keeping the right people free until trial, an innocence-before-guilt approach reinforced with a voter-approved 2016 change to the state constitution. While prosecutors and police say New Mexicans are safer with more people locked up as they await a decision on their innocence, Pepin says the study suggests otherwise.

Source New Mexico launched it’s website more than a month ago. An independent, nonprofit news organization, the organization says it’s goal is to shine a light on governments, policies and public officials so readers get the information they need to make choices. We get more on the Source’s mission and meet the editorial team (taken from a Facebook Live event).

Host: Gene Grant

Correspondent: Matt Grubs

Artie Pepin, director, Administrative Office of the Courts
Marisa DeMarco, Source NM
Austin Fisher, Source NM
Shaun Griswold, Source NM
Pat Lohmann, Source NM
Chris Fitzimmon, States Newsroom