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February 12, 2021 – A primary goal of many Democrats heading into New Mexico’s 2021 was the repeal of a decades-old law that criminalized abortion. Unenforceable unless the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, the law’s existence on the books has made reproductive rights advocates nervous. In joining with Democrats on a House panel to advance a measure repealing the law, Roswell Republican Rep. Phelps Anderson set in motion the end of his association with the state Republican Party. The Line opinion panel talks about Anderson’s vote, his refusal to discuss it, and his choice to register as “Decline to State” or independent. 

Host: Gene Grant 

The Line Opinion Panel: 
Laura Sanchez, attorney 
Merritt Allen, Vox Optima public relations 
Inez Russell Gomez, editorial page editor, Santa Fe New Mexican 

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