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An aerial view of a burned area in colorado.

Building Public Trust in the Forest Service

9.22.23 – In the third and final segment of their conversation, Our Land Senior Producer…

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A group of people sitting around a table in an interview.

New Fire Protocols

9.22.23 – In the second of a three-part conversation, Our Land Senior Producer Laura Paskus…

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A forest service logo with a mountain in the background.

2022’s Historic Fire Season

9.22.23 – This week on New Mexico in Focus, Our Land Senior Producer Laura Paskus…

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An image of a river with mountains in the background.

NM’s Water Challenges Are ‘Significant’

9.8.23 – Our Land’s Laura Paskus spoke with New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission Director Hannah…

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An aerial view of a lake in the desert.

Is a Settlement on the Rio Grande Coming Soon?

8.4.23 – After the relatively wet years of the 1980s and ‘90s, New Mexico’s reservoirs…

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A person is digging a hole in the ground.

New Mexico Journalists Detail Long-Lasting Dangers of Cluster Bombs

7.21.23 – In July, the Biden administration publicly announced its decision to send cluster bombs…

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Two women sitting in chairs in front of a sunset.

Writing as Healing

6.16.23 – In Michelle Otero’s latest book, Vessels: A Memoir of Borders, she tackles a…

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A view of a marshy area with mountains in the background.

Flooded with Life: Albuquerque’s Oxbow

6.9.23 – This spring, the Rio Grande is ripping along, flush with snowmelt and boosted…

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A person in jeans walks with two plastic bags full of groceries past green trees and foliage.

Plastic Bags & Storm Water

4.8.2022 – Albuquerque City Council has voted to override Mayor Tim Keller’s veto of their…

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A person dressed as a porcupine with leaves attached to the costume for theatre at the Rio Grande River.

Conservation Carnivale: Bringing Levity to Water Education

4.1.2022 – In Albuquerque, the Conservation Carnivale brings the Rio Grande’s bosque ecosystem alive with…

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A cartoon of hands in prayer over a brown cracked earth.

Faith in a Climate-Changed World

4.1.2022 – New Mexicans already face the impacts of climate change, including uncertain water supplies…

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A colorful map of the states with New Mexico in the center with a Radioactive symbol superimposed.

Nuclear Waste Storage Proposal

4.1.2022 – New Mexico State Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-District 36) is among those worried about…

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Overhead shot of the Rio Grande.

Revamping the Rio

3.25.2022 – Along the Rio Grande in Corrales, New Mexico, nonprofit and governmental partners have…

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Mike Hamman sits with Laura Paskus for an Our Land Interview.

NM’s New State Engineer

3.25.2022 – New Mexico has a new water boss under Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. State…

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Dark storm clouds with cartoon rain drops.

Weather Modification

3.18.2022 – As drought continues to grip the western United States, some communities are trying…

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A pile of green glowing rocks.

Radon Daughter Art Exhibit Reflects New Mexico’s Uranium Legacy

2.18.2022 –De Haven Solimon Chaffins grew up living with her grandparents on the Laguna Pueblo.…

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A vibrant photo of a sunset over New Mexico's landscape.

Three Degrees Higher, and Rising

2.11.2022 – On average, temperatures in New Mexico have risen three degrees since the 1970s.…

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Antelopes standing in tall grass.

Former NM Game Commissioner Discusses Department

2.4.2022 – Until recently, Jeremy Vesbach was vice-chair of the New Mexico State Game Commission.…

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A 3D Rendering of a metal cannister with a H2 label and a sky background with a splash of water through the image.

The Science of Hydrogen Power

2.4.2022 – Environment Correspondent Laura Paskus and Capital & Main journalist Jerry Redfern explore what…

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A person's hand holding a small green plant.

Faith in a Time of Climate Change

January 14, 2022 –New Mexicans already face the impacts of climate change, including uncertain water…

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A forest fire burns in the night sky.

New Mexico’s Evolving Droughts & Wildfire Threats

January 7, 2022 – Park Williams is a bioclimatologist who studies drought and wildfire in…

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Matthew Hurteau sits for an interview in front of screen displaying a burnt forest.

On the Environment: Matthew Hurteau

December 31, 2021 – Matthew Hurteau is a professor in the Department of Biology at…

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Sofia Jenkins-Nieto sits for an interview in front of a screen displaying the divest protest at UNM.

On the Environment: Sofia Jenkins-Nieto

December 31, 2021 –Sofia Jenkins-Nieto is an undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico.…

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Valerie Rangel sits for an interview in front of a screen with a landscape displayed on it.

On the Environment: Valerie Rangel

December 31, 2021 –Valerie Rangel is the author of the 2019 book “Environmental Justice in…

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A bushy animal crawls through tree branches.

Living in Harmony with Urban Wildlife

December 10, 2021 – Wildlife doesn’t adhere to borders – that’s the message from an…

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Sandhill Cranes at Sunset in the Bosque

Celebrating Albuquerque’s Bosque

November 26, 2021 – This holiday weekend, we show our appreciation for one of New…

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Resources mentioned during the show: 

U.S. Forest Service’s National Prescribed Fire Resource Mobilization Strategy 

U.S. Forest Service’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy 

U.S. Forest Service investigation of the Cerro Pelado Fire 

FEMA’s Hermit's Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office 

Santa Fe National Forest 

“The Federal Government Accidentally Burned Down Their Houses, Then Made It Hard to Come Home” By Patrick Lohman with Source NM for ProPublica 

Southwest Jemez Mountains Collaborative Landscape Restoration 

How to learn more about wildfires when they’re happening: 

For fire locations and details about individual fires: InciWeb  

New Mexico Fire Information: NM Fire Info & NM Fire Info on Facebook 

National Interagency Fire Center – Fire News 

If the fire is burning on U.S. Forest Service land, search the name of the forest to find updates. Many of the forests, such as the Santa Fe National Forest, also have active Facebook pages. 

NOAA Fire Weather information and alerts (to see things like red flag warnings for your area) 

Fire and Smoke Map  

New Mexico Department of Health 5-3-1 Visibility Method (for determining if smoky conditions in your area are unhealthy) 

How to learn more about protecting your home and community: 

Community Wildfire Protection Plans in NM (includes guidelines and information on creating one, as well as links to plans for communities across the state)  

Ready, Set, Go! Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide (New Mexico) (for information on protecting your home, being ready to evacuate, and making a personal wildfire plan for your home) 

En sus Marcas, Listos, Fuera! Su Guia de Accion (Spanish) 

Fire Adapted New Mexico Learning Network 

NM State Foresty, Fire Prevention Programs 

NM State Forestry: Protecting your home from wildfire 

NM State Forestry: Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones 

Living with Fire: A Guide for the Homeowner (English)  

Firewise USA: Residents Reducing Wildfire Risks (National Fire Protection Association) 

State of New Mexico Prescribed Burn Certification Program 

Past Our Land shows related to New Mexico wildfire: