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Chaco Canyon.

Beyond the Park: Industrialization of the Greater Chaco Landscape

12.02.22 – A portion of the Greater Chaco Landscape is protected within Chaco Culture National…

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Celebrating Albuquerque’s Bosque

11.26.2022 – This holiday weekend, we show our appreciation for one of New Mexico’s greatest…

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De Haven Solimon Chaffins poses with Laura Paskus for a picture on set with her artwork displayed on a screen behind them.

Radon Daughter Art Exhibit Reflects New Mexico’s Uranium Legacy

11.25.2022 – De Haven Solimon Chaffins grew up living with her grandparents on the Laguna…

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Elephant Butte during sunset.

Uncertainty Remains Despite Proposed Settlement in Interstate Water Lawsuit

11.18.22 – Our Land Senior Producer Laura Paskus speaks with an attorney from the Elephant…

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Ukraine War Makes it Harder to be a Nuclear ‘Dove’

11.11.2022 – The nonprofit Los Alamos Study Group has been tracking projects and plans at…

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Chaco Landscape in the eastern Navajo nation.

‘Status Quo’ Reigns When it Comes to Chaco Protections

10.21.2022 – On the eastern Navajo Nation, oil and gas development has affected the land,…

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An overview of the dry Rio Grande.

Without Rights, NM’s Rivers Can Come Up Empty

10.14.22 –In New Mexico, rivers lack rights to their own waters, which mean that when…

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Chaco Canyon right before sunset;

Protecting Chaco Requires Commitment From ‘All Levels’

10.07.22 – For more than a decade, a coalition of indigenous and environmental groups, along…

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An image of Erica Gies next to the cover over her new book "Water Always Wins."

Environmental Journalists newest book ‘Water Always Wins’

09.23.22- In her new book, “Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and…

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High school science teacher, Sergio Torres, talks to Laura Paskus virtually through zoom.

New Mexico Science Teacher Receives Grant

09.23.22- Our Land Senior Producer Laura Paskus speaks with a high school science teacher from…

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An orange sunset with a bird silhouette flying through the sky.

Heat Waves and Bird Deaths

9.2.2022 –Worldwide, heat waves are increasing in severity and frequency. University of New Mexico Professor…

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Mora fire.

Climate Change Impacts Hit Home for NMPBS

8.26.2022 – This summer, the Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon Fire destroyed hundreds of homes in northern…

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A portrait of U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury in front of a New Mexico landscape background.

U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury on Water & Climate

8.12.2022 – In late July, three water bills introduced by U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury, D-NM,…

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A portrait of Senator Martin Heinrich on top of a New Mexico landscape.

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich discusses Climate Legislation

8.12.2022 – Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-NM, talks about climate change legislation, as well as gun…

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Nuclear smoke stack letting off steam.

Concern Over Nuclear Disposal Plan

7.29.2022 – As former chair of the New Mexico State Legislature’s interim committee on Radioactive…

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A vulture sitting on a piece of tree in the middle of the dry Rio Grande.

Ecosystem Impacts of River Drying

7.29.2022 – As drying in the Middle Rio Grande expands this summer, how will that…

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An aerial shot of a plume of smoke from a fire. Courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.

Climate Change ‘Outpaced’ Fire Protocols

7.22.2022 – It’s been a devastating fire season in New Mexico, with hot, dry, and…

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Three bullets on a wooden table.

NM Gun Owner Calls for Reform

7.15.2022 – Gun sales are growing, especially as manufacturers target customers with marketing about personal…

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A person chainsaws a tree body in the middle of a forest.

Community-Based Forest Management in Northern New Mexico

4.22.2022 – In the Carson National Forest, there’s a new model for community forestry—and it’s…

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A car driving away from a wildfire.

What Do We Do now?

4.22.2022 –Fire season for 2022 saw an early start, with some prescribed burns swelling out…

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A persons hand holding a small globe outside.

Earth Day Message

4.22.2022 – Environment Reporter Laura Paskus shares her message to New Mexicans on Earth Day.…

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A person standing on a dry cracked earth holding dirt and a small seedling growing.

NMPBS Learning Media Modules

4.15.2022 – At New Mexico PBS, our main objective is to inform you, our viewers,…

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The Rio Grande filled with water and ducks on bright sunny day.

Spring Runoff Forecast

4.8.2022 – The Natural Resources Conservation Service issues spring forecasts for western rivers, including the…

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A person in jeans walks with two plastic bags full of groceries past green trees and foliage.

Plastic Bags & Storm Water

4.8.2022 – Albuquerque City Council has voted to override Mayor Tim Keller’s veto of their…

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A person dressed as a porcupine with leaves attached to the costume for theatre at the Rio Grande River.

Conservation Carnivale: Bringing Levity to Water Education

4.1.2022 – In Albuquerque, the Conservation Carnivale brings the Rio Grande’s bosque ecosystem alive with…

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A cartoon of hands in prayer over a brown cracked earth.

Faith in a Climate-Changed World

4.1.2022 – New Mexicans already face the impacts of climate change, including uncertain water supplies…

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A colorful map of the states with New Mexico in the center with a Radioactive symbol superimposed.

Nuclear Waste Storage Proposal

4.1.2022 – New Mexico State Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-District 36) is among those worried about…

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Overhead shot of the Rio Grande.

Revamping the Rio

3.25.2022 – Along the Rio Grande in Corrales, New Mexico, nonprofit and governmental partners have…

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Mike Hamman sits with Laura Paskus for an Our Land Interview.

NM’s New State Engineer

3.25.2022 – New Mexico has a new water boss under Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. State…

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Dark storm clouds with cartoon rain drops.

Weather Modification

3.18.2022 – As drought continues to grip the western United States, some communities are trying…

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A pile of green glowing rocks.

Radon Daughter Art Exhibit Reflects New Mexico’s Uranium Legacy

2.18.2022 –De Haven Solimon Chaffins grew up living with her grandparents on the Laguna Pueblo.…

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A vibrant photo of a sunset over New Mexico's landscape.

Three Degrees Higher, and Rising

2.11.2022 – On average, temperatures in New Mexico have risen three degrees since the 1970s.…

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Antelopes standing in tall grass.

Former NM Game Commissioner Discusses Department

2.4.2022 – Until recently, Jeremy Vesbach was vice-chair of the New Mexico State Game Commission.…

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A 3D Rendering of a metal cannister with a H2 label and a sky background with a splash of water through the image.

The Science of Hydrogen Power

2.4.2022 – Environment Correspondent Laura Paskus and Capital & Main journalist Jerry Redfern explore what…

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Faith in a Time of Climate Change

January 14, 2022 –New Mexicans already face the impacts of climate change, including uncertain water…

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New Mexico’s Evolving Droughts & Wildfire Threats

January 7, 2022 – Park Williams is a bioclimatologist who studies drought and wildfire in…

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