Workplace Safety, Ona Porter from Prosperity Works, Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s Identity Theft Charge

This week, NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS looks at workplace safety. A recent mass shooting in Oregon has been in the headlines for the past week. Domestic violence can also lead to acts of violence in public places, including schools and offices. How can companies and organizations address domestic violence and prepare for acts of violence during the workday? Correspondent Stan Wilson sits down with Richard Price from the Soteria Group: Safety by Design and Lisa Weisenfeld from the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Leaders in New Mexico often discuss potential solutions for addressing the state’s high poverty rate. Ona Porter from Prosperity Works sits down with producer Sarah Gustavus to talk about how Prosperity Kids encourages young people to save money and plan for their future after high school.

Host Gene Grant and this week’s Line opinion panelists debate the latest headlines in the news, including the recent announcement that Secretary of State Dianna Duran faces a new charge of identity theft.

Richard Price, Soteria Group
Lisa Weisenfeld, NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Ona Porter, Prosperity Works

Merritt Allen, Vox Optima, LLC
Rob Nikolewski,
Laura E. Sanchez-Rivét, Sanchez Legal Solutions
Harry Van Buren, professor at the UNM Anderson School of Management

Sarah Gustavus
Stan Wilson

Gene Grant

The Producer of NEW MEXICO IN FOCUS is Sarah Gustavus. Associate Producer is Kathy Wimmer. Funding for this program was provided in part by the McCune Foundation Communications Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Episode 915 airs October 9, 2015

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